Terms and Conditions

We offer web-based software that can be used to optimize the images online. These images are then made available for the customers who are termed as the end-user of the service.

Developer House Technology PVT LTD Offers different kinds of services to our clients, which are indirectly made available to the end-users through our platform, which directly depends on your adherence to the “Terms and Conditions” without any modification. Creating an account or availing our services implies that you are now bound with our terms and conditions and will adhere to them in all the scenarios constituting an agreement between you and the Pixops. We can make the changes in the terms and conditions without a prior notification regarding the change. However, the changes made to the terms and conditions will not apply before the updated terms and conditions are published on the page. It is your sole responsibility to keep checking the TERMS AND CONDITIONS to know about the notifications updated by the PIXOPS. The visitors are also bound to the terms and conditions even if they do not avail of the services from this platform.



We collect important data related to our services from our clients. This is to state that we do no interact with the end-user in any way. Please refer to our Privacy Policy to know about how we collect the data from our users and how we use the data collected from our users.

By using our services, you confirm that you are an adult (18 years old) and have the right to have an agreement with other parties without any consent from your parents and can take your decisions without any influence, warranty, or any other property. You hereby declare that you are elder than 13 years of age as our service is not for the children less than the desired age.

Please leave the website if you are younger than 13 years of age.



Refers to Developer House Technology PVT LTD.

“Image Cache”

Refers to a copy of the transformed image for further transformation.

“Origin Image”

Refers to the image submitted by the user.


Means the person to whom the new images are delivered.


Refers to all the URLs that are used to call Developer House Technology PVT LTD.

“User Content”

Refers to the image or the material provided to Pixops for the transformation.


Refers to the process of making changes to the image submitted by the user.

“Transformed Image”

Refers to the final image received the user after making the required changes.


Refers to the process of generating and keeping your information temporarily for further transactions for the convenience of the user experience.


Refers to the Content Delivery Network and acts as the supplier/associate of the Developer House Technology PVT LTD.


After registering and availing our service as a customer, you hereby agree for the following:

  1. You are an adult with an age of at least 18 years and are legally capable of getting into an agreement with a second party.
  2. All the information provided by you on our platform is accurate and is updated as per your profile.
  3. You agree to be updated with our notifications and promotional Emails, text, and other messages regarding our services.
  4. You gave your consent to the Pixops to create your profile and display the public information on our website in connection to this website.
  5. You provide us permission to access the account created on our account, including all the data uploaded by you, such as text, email, graphics, images, videos, and all other materials that have a relation with the services that you are availing from our website.

All the visitors can visit our website and are not subjected to registration to browse the service. However, you can not avail of any of the services without creating a proper account on our platform. You hereby permit us to collect your personal information to create the account.

A valid Paypal account or a regular account is needed to be submitted to make any purchases from our websites that include our services and products.


User content related responsibilities

We respect the privacy and the rights of all the parties who avail of our services, including the content creators, and expect you to do the same. Considering the nature of our services, we cannot monitor each and every content optimized on our website by the creators or the third parties that interact with our website.

You agree that we:

  1. Are not liable for the materials and;
  2. Reserve all the rights to go through the selection process and review, modify, delete, or edit the material at any time, without any kind of liability without having to send a notice to the respected party. We reserve the right to delete the user content from our website for a reason. These reasons include but are not limited to the breach of terms and conditions or the violation of any privacy policy of the product or the service.

We are active in checking the notices under the Copyright Act and other acts and laws.


Developer House Technology PVT LTD

#20, Sec-4, Huda, Naraingarh, PIN 134203

Please make sure that your notification is well written and have the following:

  • One or more signature (Digitally signed or Physical)of the person who is authorized to act on the matter. It includes the owner or the representative of the person that holds the right.
  • It should have a material that can prove that the content has violated the copyright guidelines. A list should be included in case there are multiple copyright issues at the site;
  • Identification of the material that arises a dispute and needs to be modified or deleted to deal with the issue. There should be an easy identification process for the service provider to locate the material and take the required steps to ton the content.
  • Provided information should be reasonable and must be sufficient to allow the service provider to communicate with the other party including address, number and other information that can be used to contact;
  • A statement stating that the concerned party believe that any use of their material is not authorized by them or their representative;
  • A statement stating that the information provided in the notice is accurate and is authorized by the concerned party and right is allegedly infringed.

User Policy

Refer to this list that includes all the services that are prohibited on our platform and should be avoided:

  • Submitting any type of material that can affect the beliefs of our community and are offensive to them such as racism, hatred towards any particular group of people or individual;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that can be inappropriate for the minors;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that can harass or can be termed as harassment towards a person;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that are not true, illegal or misleading, abusive, and defamatory towards an individual or a group of people;
  • Engaging in the activities that include spamming of any type or collecting the personal information of an individual or a group of people such as phone number, email address, a name without proper consent;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that contain the password-protected pages with hidden data such as images and pages.
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the material displaying pornography or sexual material of any kind;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials providing any kind of information related to illegal activities such as weapons, privacy, or other viruses.
  • Submitting the corrupted or infected material containing viruses like trojan, worms, etc.;
  • Submitting the personal information of an individual or a reference towards the identity of a person for an unlawful purpose;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that involve any type of advertisements or sales purpose or any kind of scheme for the users;
  • Using any software to copy the information from the website such as crawlers, spiders, automatic device for unauthorized purpose without the consent of the team;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that can affect the working of the platform, service, or product.
  • Trying to modify or edit the software with any kind of activity;
  • Uploading or engaging in activities or the materials that can impose an unreasonable load on the server of the website with an unlawful purpose. Furthermore, you can not violate the terms and conditions of our platform by any modification in the policy.


Our platform offers several services that may include forums, comment areas, blogs, notification center, and chat rooms for the convenience of our uses which are more than 18 years old. They can express their interests, confusion, feedback, and opinion on these forums. Pixops is not responsible for the content shared by the users on these forums and does not guarantee the accuracy or the credibility of the data uploaded by the users. Please be selective while choosing the right forum for you and be respectful of the community using the forums. The use of abusive or vulgar language is strictly prohibited that can attract some actions on your account. You should also respect the content and avoid the copyright materials from the website. Please note that the data uploaded on the forums become public. Avoid uploading or adding any information that you do not want to share with the community, such as your personal information. It means that Pixops is not responsible for the information shared on the platform and nor to the consequences of that action. We expect you to maintain the positive environment of the forum by sharing accurate and relevant data on the platform.

You hereby agree not to use any user name or the forum titles that are abusive, offensive, discriminatory, or harassing others. We may ask you to change the information if we find something breaching these terms and conditions.


Third-Party Services

Our services include different actions and activities in which we may offer different links from websites that are operated by third parties. We are not responsible for your experience with those parties and are not liable for any activity that may take place in your experience.

We offer these links and services for the convenience of the user and reference only. We do not control the information and the services of those websites and advise you to use your judgment to avail the services from those websites. Our reference to a link does not mean we recommend the services of the websites.

Warranties, Representations and Indemnification

You hereby state that:

  • You have all the necessary authority, permission and right to submit material to get the license as we have discussed in our TERMS AND CONDITIONS,
  • The material submitted by you is accurate and does not include any modification;
  • The material provided by you does not violate any law such as copyright act, trademark act, trade secret, or their property right that can cause the jurisdiction process for the parties.
  • The use of service does not violate any type of agreement between you and the other third parties.
  • The material provided by you does not affect the personal information of a person and cause no damage to the identification of a person.

You hereby agree to defend and keep harmless Pixops, its directors, its employees, its managers, its officers, contractors, and all other parties who are directly or indirectly connected to this organization.

All the expenses, fees related to:

The material provided by you.

Your use of the services.

The breach of the terms and conditions.

Any type of service ongoing or terminated between you and any other third party.

Limitations and Disclaimers

We try our best to provide accurate information to users contained in our services and try to keep them reliable; however, there can be instances where the uploaded information may have some errors. Pixops make some regular changes for the improvement of the information provided on our platform.

The information and the service, products, softwares are provided in the original form with the partners and suppliers for the the disclaimer and the warranties of the product and services. It may be expressed or implied at some of the instances, and hereby state that the use of all our services must be done at your own risk using your best judgement in the same. Pixops and all its partners or the people connected with it are not liable for any type of loss, be it direct or indirect to the use of the product. This loss includes but are not limited to the damage, injury, financial loss, and all other type of loss that you may suffer in the process. It states that the pixops, its platform, team, directors, softwares; services are not liable to any of the lose that you may suffer whether partially or in whole, as a breach of contract and other possible mediums. There is jurisdiction process that does not provide implied warranty, and you agree to carry the jurisdiction process as per the implied and expressed warranty by using our services or our platform in any scenario.

Limitation of liability

As stated above, in no events or scenarios does the pixops be responsible for any type of loss that may arise by availing our services or by using our products. The liability of pixops in any of the scenario for the jurisdiction process should not exceed $500. however, this liability is limited to the pixops and you and does not allow you to set forth the above fundamentals. Please note that the jurisdiction process for the said process may vary depending on the working of the court in your area.

If the jurisdiction process does not involve the limited liability condition and have provisions to liability that may arise conflict with the above statement then our we shall be exposed to the minimum liability set by the law. However, if those jurisdictions are not allowed as per your area process, then we do not have any liability for death or any other harm to the person caused by the negligence of the officer or any other employee; or misrepresentation of the matter a fraudulent manner or any other liability that is not lawful to exclude in the process, be it in the present or the future terms of the jurisdiction.


There can be some other exceptions in the working of the jurisdiction of different states, and you need to ensure that you work in accordance to the guidelines of your state court for the process. However, pixops is not responsible for the loss of any type of information or the property caused by the use of our services and products in any scenario. The limited liability set by our standards should be followed in case there is enough space for it to be processed.


Delays and Errors

Pixops is not responsible in delay of the service or the product caused by the incorrect email address or the technical problem. there can be some errors in the information, and you can contact us regarding it.

Payments and Subscriptions

We offer different services that you may be interested in and end up purchasing them from our website. You will get a notification in which we will tell you about the payment information and how much you are going to be charged for the service that you chose to avail of. You can use the provided payment gateway to make your purchase on our website at the discussed price. You need to agree to the terms and conditions of the payment gateway that we are using to proceed with your payment. You can also avail of different subscriptions from our website that are there for your convenience. Our subscription will automatically renew itself after a fixed period, and you will be charged the amount of the subscription right away. By agreeing to the terms and conditions, you allow us to charge you for your subscription after a period of time. However, you can cancel your subscription at any time from your account. Please make sure to track your subscription as you will be charged on the first day of the next period.

After getting the receipt of your payment, you will be able to download the service or product for which you have made the payment, or you will receive an email from us giving instructions on how you can get the services that you have paid for. In case you face any problem in downloading the service after your payment, you should contact us within five days of the payment from the date on which your order was placed. If you fail to contact us within five days of your order, we will consider that the product has been delivered to you, and you have completed your purchase on our website.

After getting the receipt of your payment, you will be able to download the service or product for which you have made the payment, or you will receive an email from us giving instructions on how you can get the services that you have paid for. In case you face any problem in downloading the service after your payment, you should contact us within five days of the payment from the date on which your order was placed. If you fail to contact us within five days of your order, we will consider that the product has been delivered to you, and you have completed your purchase on our website.

Refund Policy

We value our customers and offer them refunds on their payments if they are unsatisfied with our services in some of the scenarios. This refund applies to the customers who have purchased our services within the last 15 days. If you think that our services are not up to your expectations, then you can simply send us a request for your refund. We will check your eligibility as per our conditions and will issue a refund if you qualify for it.


You (customer) are the sole person who is responsible for any type of charge that applies to the services. Be it regional, state, or country tax. However, you may not get charged by us, but you will need to pay the taxes to the respective agencies of your country on every purchase you made on our website. Hereby, we are not responsible for collecting, transferring, advice you on the tax that is to be collected by the government agencies for your purchase.

Service Termination

Pixops and the registered firm reserves the right to discontinue your access to our services without any prior notifications and does not bound to provide any reason for the action. The actions include but are not limited to the breach of any of the terms and conditions, law, or the privacy policy itself. These actions arise mainly from the services that you are availing but can be an overall effect of your activity on the website or the software provided to you. However, you can always choose to unsubscribe from all types of communication with the website and the Pixops. It is your and only your duty to send the notice to our office, and we are not responsible for it.

You can only opt-out from receiving our informational and promotional emails by unsubscribing yourself from our mailing list. This is to state that we can discontinue our service, product, and other deals without any prior notice for the customers and the audience. Pixops do not have any liability for your action, and no third party is allowed to do any modification on the software.

Dispute Resolution

All types of controversies and the claims that may arise with the usage of the service provided by the PIXOPS or any other subsidiary of PIXOPS, including any claim, should be settled by the Arbitration. The arbitrator will apply the law of INDIA. Both parties are supposed to bear the expenses of their attorney’s fee and other expenses. The Arbitrator will not exercise power to include any type of damage that may or may not have a connection with the conflict or the compensatory damage.

This agreement states that every kind of dispute between you and the PIXOPS shall be carried out by binding the arbitration. It implies that you are giving up your right to take the matter to the court to defend the rights. you will also be restricted from bringing class actions on the matter. Hereby, you agree that pixops and you are waiving all the rights to participate in a matter having class member and plaintiff for the proceeding of the matter.


However, you and PIXOPS cannot consolidate more claims representing more than one person for the same terms and conditions stated above, including any type of class and proceeding representation related to the matter of the conflict. 

It leaves you with an option to get your rights practised by arbitrator in a neutral way eliminating the need of a jury, judge, court or jurisdiction.


Class Action and Jury Trial Process

With the Effect to all the persons and parties that are bound to the privacy policy of this website, regardless of the fact whether they have availed the service as an individual or for a commercial purpose, all type of claims shall be brought in as an individual claim and does not represent the class action, private action, or any other representative action in any of the scenario unless both the parties agree on some other terms.

The arbitrator is not bound to take the claim of more than one person. By agreeing to our policy or by availing our services, each of us has a right to participate in a trial of the jury following the proper procedure with the Indian jurisdiction guidelines.

General Policies

You agree to the following points by availing our products or services:

  • The services are only meant to be used in India and its registered domains; and
  • The service is deemed as a website that cannot be used to raise personal jurisdiction involving Pixops, for the jurisdiction in India.

All the Terms and Conditions stated in our policy should be governed as per the Indian Laws without addressing the law principles. Thus, the application involving the United States Convention for the sales of Good is directly excluded from the practice. All the parties reserve the right to raise conflicts in the Jurisdiction of India, to seek injustice and other relief. 

All the Terms and Services stated in our policy act as an agreement between you and us for availing the services of our website. It will act as the published notice in case of a jurisdiction process.


It implies that the other provisions of the terms and conditions should remain valid with the same effects if one or more than one of the provision are deemed invalid through the jurisdiction process. The remaining provisions need to be taken separately in the above scenario. We are not liable for the waiver on any of the terms of services or a further continuous waiver on any of the terms of services. It implies that our failure to provide the waiver on any of the scenarios should not constitute a right to waiver for the Client or the end-user.

This is to state that any type of jurisdiction process should be carried by the user within one year of the action of the service. No jurisdiction process should be carried after one year, and we are not liable for the action after it.

All the terms of services are assigned by the Pixops without any prior notification to the user, and you agree to them by availing our services. All the assignments and terms of services shall be void and null in the scenario. A copy of this page should be presented for the jurisdiction process that involves the jurisdiction process and the related documents that need to be submitted along with it. The related documents that do not have their terms shall be treated with the terms and conditions of the existing page for the jurisdiction process in the printed or hard copy form.

Trade Mark and Copyright Policy

All the content and the services available on this platform are copyrighted by Developer House Technology PVT LTD with all rights reserved. You and the end-users cannot inclusively or exclusively claim the ownership over the products, content, services (modified or unmodified). Hereby, all the products are the sole property of Developer House Technology PVT LTD, and the products are the trademark of the respective owners.

Feel free to contact us about any confusion in our Privacy Policy. Please know that you are supposed to adhere to the terms and conditions stated above. Any breach in the T&C of the company may lead to non-adherence to the policy. 

Please exit the website if you find any issues with the policy and get in touch with us.