Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This website/ plugin is the sole property of the Developer House Technology PVT LTD. It is operated by their affiliates, who are collectively termed as (the company) that provides the services to you (customer) with the following conditions.

Visiting or shopping from this website implies that you have accepted our Privacy Policy and are bound to continue your experience with them. You can leave the website if you find any of the Privacy policy unjustified as your continued browsing of this website brinks you to the agreement of the several terms and conditions. The company and its affiliates hold the right to make any changes to the terms and conditions stating the terms which are followed by the website and its services that include but are not limited to the change in the prices of products and services we offer. Hereby, you are responsible for being aware of the updated terms and conditions while using our website or any of its services.

Please go through the terms and conditions carefully as your continued browsing will bound you to it.

What data we collect and the reasons behind collecting them

We do not keep your images, whether they are original or optimized, and return them after the optimization process. These images are not stored in our servers, and we cannot help you recover them, we only collect information that you have provided directly to our server. For example, All the information that you submit on our website while creating your account, availing any services, making any payments, submitting images, or connecting with us are stored on our server. The information that we collect includes the user name, email address, payment details (for subscription), company name, and other information that you provide us while filling the forms. This information is collected after you submit the form, and the submitted information gets stored in our servers for further actions or communications based on the services you choose to avail.

The collected information includes:

Log Information

The log information related to the use of our service, including the browser, total access time, total pages viewed, IP address, and the main page you visit while navigating the services.

Device Information

We also collect the information related to the type of device you are using. We register it on our servers, whether you operate our website from a mobile device or use a computer for it. It also includes the model of the hardware, operating system, and other device identifiers, including mobile network details.

Collected information related to the use of cookies and tracking software

We and the third parties use different techniques to collect the data when you use our website for the services. This data includes cookies and web information that predicts user behavior and experience. A cookie is a collection of small data information that is stored on your device memory, helping us improve your user experience with our website. It helps us track which pages you visit the most so that we can make it more user-friendly for our visitors. We also take the help of web beacons for improving the user experience on our website. Web beacons are the virtual images that help us in delivering cooking while counting the page visits. It provides us with an estimate of the effectiveness of our campaigns to know whether our users have interacted with our emails or not. We also collect some information about your browsing behavior by recording the sessions you have on our website. You can always choose how we handle your cookies by going to the concerned tab in your account settings.

We may also collect some public information about you from other sources to help us provide a better service for you.


Cookies help in improving the user experience of the website. While leaving a comment on our website, you can always choose to save your name and email address to avoid entering it each time you wanna leave a comment. Cookies last for a maximum of one year.

We always try to create some cookies while you log in to provide you faster access to our website. However, these cookies do not contain the personal data of our users. You can also choose to save the login credentials by clicking on the “Remember Me” option for faster login.

Any modification in an article will also create a temporary cookie in your browser. It helps in getting faster access to the article and last only for one day.

Sharing of information with third parties & Affiliates

We value the privacy of our customers and state that Developer House Technology PVT LTD will never sell or transfer any of the personal data of our customers without their consent.

This rule does not include:

  • Parties who helps in providing services and operating our website for our business. It includes our team, lawyers, accountants, and other partners.
  • Parties whose products we produce on our platform.
  • Our business partners that helps in the sales and assets of our company.

The shared data with these parties is safe as they agreed to keep your information confidential, and the data is treated considering the law of protection of data. We may also need to release the personal information when it is applicable is required by the law, considering our privacy policy to protect the right of the safety of our users and other parties. However, some other information (Non-personal) can be shared with the other parties for advertisement, marketing of the content. We will always use the email address that you have provided us for the communication while registering yourself on our website. These emails may include some promotional emails providing you offers from our platform or our affiliates. You can always opt-out of receiving our promotional emails by sending us a request.

We release your personal information if the disclosure is:

  • Required by the law for some legal process;
  • Required to protect the legal right that includes but is not limited to property, the safety of the employees, or the affiliates.
  • Required to protect our company from legal action from you or any other third party.
  • Required to enforce the legal terms.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal information to the successor if we merge or terminate our services from this website to the business. The new business will have the right to use your information as per the terms and conditions of the new business. Users can always communicate with us regarding this policy to understand it.

Please be careful while entering your details to open a ticket as that information is not protected, and we may disclose that information to solve the ticket. We also use analytical tools such as cookies and web beacons to collect information, including IP address, browser, page visits, session time, etc.

This information can be shared with our affiliates to provide a better understanding of the data. It will help us provide the targeted services for our users, improving the user experience on our website. It will also help us understand your online activity to improve our services.

Who can access your data

We share the personal information about you with the following or with those stated in the privacy policy:

With consultants, vendors and other affiliates who provide service and need to access your information to work on behalf of this website;

In response to a query or a request for the information related to your profile only if we believe that the request is in accordance to the law and does not breach any of the government or our privacy policy;

  • If we find out that the actions of your account are not up to the terms and conditions that you have agreed upon, we may share information about you to the concerned department for the follow-up;
  • If there is a merge with a company or a new team has been added to the working of the website;
  • We may also use some information that is aggregated in nature to prevent anyone from identifying you based on the provided information.

How long do we keep your data

Every data you submit to our website have a different period on our website. For example, every comment made on our website is retained indefinitely unless you chose to delete it from your account. It helps us recognize and follow-up with your comments for better communication.

Users who register on our website by providing their personal information also allows us to keep that information by agreeing to the terms and conditions. However, the user can always edit, modify, delete their information whenever they want ( excluding username). The website administration can also make changes to the information you provide us while registering your account.

Your rights over your data

The registered users on our website have the right to ask us about the information we have stored that includes all the data you have provided to our servers.

You can also ask us to modify or delete the personal information that you do not want to provide us with. However, legal documents cannot be deleted for security reasons.

Where do we send and transmit your data

Your data or the information may be used for different purposes, including:

To provide the services that you avail from our website.

  • To communicate with you regarding the updates, notices, alerts, and administration messages for your security.
  • To respond to the queries you ask regarding the services.
  • To carry out the tasks that require your personal information.
  • To carry out some analysis to serve you better with our services.

Your data is safe with us

All the personal information provided by you is stored in our server and can be accessed by only a limited number of persons who are assigned with the tasks related to the security of your data to keep it confidential. Furthermore, all your card information is encrypted using SSL technology.

Our website is build considering the standard security measures and all necessary authentication tools that help in protecting your data and information from all kinds of damages.

We and the third parties who are responsible for providing you services maintain physical and technical measures that help in building a better security system for our users. We make sure to encrypt your card information before sending it to the internet for your security while making your transactions. However, we cannot guarantee the loss of your data considering the nature of the internet and its services. We recommend keeping your password confidential as it is the easiest way to get access to your information and data. Logging out from your account on our account is a good practice that you can adopt to protect yourself from any type of data thievery.