Payment Terms and Refund Policy

Automatic Updates

  • License holders having an active and valid subscription have access to automatic updates.
  • Users with a valid and active license key generated at the time of purchase are eligible for automatic updates.
  • Plugin and the add-ons purchased with it come with automatic updates.

Plugin Delivery

After your payment is processed successfully, an email will be sent to you with an order number and purchase-related information. The license key can be found in your account, along with other downloaded items. Download the plugin by signing into the account you created on purchase and click on the relevant link.

If you do not receive the email specifying your purchase information, kindly contact us via the Contact Page on our site or raise a support ticket requesting your purchase information.

Until you have a valid license key, you may re-download the purchased files. When the license expires, access to download these files will be prohibited unless and until you renew the license key.

Refund Policy

We strongly believe in the quality of our product, but we understand any concerns that may be raised by our customers and take their feedback very seriously. By nature, digital products don’t qualify for a return and refund; we may not be able to grant a refund for any and every reason you offer after purchasing the license for a Pixops plugin. But, if you experience any technical difficulties with your copy of Pixops after purchase, please contact our able and efficient support team who will clear all your queries and resolve all your issues. Even after our best efforts, if unfortunately, the issue persists and makes the plugin unusable, then we will surely consider offering you a refund. For us to consider a legitimate refund request, we require that you meet our refund policy conditions specified below in total. For this purpose, we may ask you certain questions.


Please note that it is at our sole discretion to offer refunds based on the following conditions that you must meet fully :

  • The plugin was originally purchased strictly within the last 15 days.
  • Issue(s) is because of being unable to properly complete installation for the plugin and/or unable to use its basic functionalities for your needs efficiently.
  • You have already contacted our customer support team, and they were unable to resolve the issue(s).
  • Issue(s) is not caused by any other software, third-party plugins, or other themes in your system.
  • You have not raised a refund request on renewal payment. (Note that an email will be sent to you from our team on renewal and you may cancel your subscription during this period if required before payment for next renewal is due).

When you purchase plugin(s) through our website, you fully agree to these above terms and conditions for a refund and not subject them to any queries or legal actions. We would like to make it clear that any exchange rate differences between the time of product purchase and the time of refund for the same are not liable to be covered by us.

In case you choose to go for a refund, we would sincerely appreciate honest feedback from you about our product and services as it helps us in creating a better product for you with every release.