General Data Protection Regulation Policies

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) lays out the guidelines that need to be followed by the different parties to protect the customer complying with the regulations made by the government authorities. These regulations are made by the European Union and do not apply to us. However, some of the parties may be from the European Union, and that makes it compulsory to keep ourselves protected with these guidelines. This page will explain what measures and guidelines we practice to ensure compliance with the process.

Please know that the original copy of the GDPR guideline is extremely long and requires some legal knowledge to understand it. That’s why we prepared this page to help you understand the points that are important for our agreement to protect the data of our customers. You can always contact us to know more about it or if you need any clarification on the listed point on this page.


GDPR provides the regulations and terms of use of different topics and areas. However, we will address the most relevant ones that we both need to know before proceeding further. Below are some of the key points that will help you understand the meaning and the guidelines of the GDPR policies. The information on this page is for the people who avail of our services, but our visitors can also refer to this page in case they want to use our plugins or any other service from our website.

How GDPR works?

GDPR works by dividing the responsibilities into three different parties. These parties are:

Data Subject

All the users of the services whose data is stored in the server are the data subject. Your customer or the end-user is termed as the data subject in the GDPR guidelines.

Data Controller

The person or the company that stores the data of the data subject (end-user) is called the data controller. In our case, you are the data controller as per the GDPR guidelines.

Data processor

The Company or the person that provides the required tools to store the data and process it as per the user’s requirement is called the data processor. In our case, we are the data processor who provides the services.

Note: As a data controller, you need to be responsible for the privacy of the data stored in your server.

Technical Security

We understand how you trust us with your data, and we take every possible step to ensure the privacy of your important data. All the privacy practices are followed by our company to provide you the security you deserve. We take thousands of steps for the security of your data, but here are the main points that will help you understand our security measures and techniques:

We use Amazon web services for our hosting, as they are the largest service provider in the industry. Their security measures are the best in the industry of web hosting.

All our plugin data stored in our server is encrypted at different levels. We also monitor the connections to our websites and ensure that all of them are encrypted with our security team. In addition to this, our database and backup are also encrypted with the same technology.

We also run some scheduled tests to check our security status to protect our clients from the data thievery.

Policy Security

We spend our money and resources in keeping our plugin secure as much as we can, but still have some other policies to make sure no one in our company can do some harm to your data and the privacy. Some of them include:

  • We, at Pixops, have some strict policies where we assign the different tasks to the employees. These policies restrict access to the customer’s data. Only the assigned employees get access to your data and that too when required, such as technical bug. We monitor the activities of our employees to make sure they are not jeopardizing the policy.
  • We respect your data and does not trade it with any of the third party. All the data provided by you is safe in our server and belongs to you only.
  • Pixops only collect the necessary data from our clients that we need to proceed with.
  • We have created a procedure that decides all the ways in which data can enter or leave our servers. We have also communicated with our third-party service provider who provides us services like web hosting, cloud storage and can confirm that they are always adhering to the GDPR guidelines.
  • Privacy is our core responsibility, and we consider it in every action we take at our company. All the features and services that we provide on our platform are built, taking privacy as a core feature. We have a DPO (DATA PROTECTION OFFICER) who is responsible for ensuring the privacy of our servers and privacy to make sure that they are working following the GDPR guidelines.

One of the GDPR guidelines require us to have a contract with you (our customers) that states the working of our platform that includes the process of handling your data, and we assist you with the GDPR obligations. We use our terms and conditions to provide that agreement to our customers. Please refer to our terms and conditions page to know more about it.


Data Breach Notification

Our security includes some professionals who make sure that there is no security breach or data breach In our plugins. However, if something like this happens with our plugin, then we will update all the impacted users about the breach and will provide the relevant information that will help you process with your responsibilities as a data controller.

Processing as per the Law

GDPR guidelines made it necessary for us to establish a process where our data handling and processing complies with the legal process. Following are the reasons that apply to us:

Data processing is an important step that must be pursued by the data controller keeping the legitimate interests in the mind.

As per our best judgment, this statement states that the controller, i.e., you, have an interest in using our integrated plugin, and we, service provider, are assisting you in carrying out those steps or interests. Please know that this policy applies to all the parties as long as you, the data controller, are sticking to the guidelines of the GDPR policies and are respecting the individual rights of the subjects.

GDPR and its effect on Pixops Customers

Below are some of the actions that need to be considered for the GDPR guidelines. However, you shall carry out your research and best judgment to comply with all the regulations to know how we collect your data and where we use it.

  • Review all your data with the privacy policy to put the required actions on the account.
  • It is recommended to create a team that can work on the GDPR compliance and communicates it with the people concerned with the organization.
  • Create a procedure and assign a team that can respond and takes actions related to the GDPR guidelines issues such as access, deletion, objection, restriction, etc.
  • Create a plan to deal and respond to any of the security breaches as per the GDPR guidelines.

It is recommended to keep a record of all the necessary data that includes, but is not limited to, the privacy policy, training material, and other agreements.

Your Responsibilities

As we have discussed above, we are the ones to process your data, and the control of your data lies to you at the end. Upon entering the end-user information into the plugin, we can assure you that the data is handled with confidentiality by all the data processors with GDPR compliance. However, you are the responsible one for the control of the data. If you think that you are not well aware of the guidelines of the GDPR, then we believe that you should read a bit more about it in detail.

You can start by ensuring that you are honoring the individual rights that are stated in the GDPR for your customers.


GDPR Compliance Revisit

We are committed to the privacy of our customers and will ensure to revisit GDPR compliance at least once a year.

This is to ensure that all the information available on this page is accurate and is updated with the new changes, if any.