Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can save or optimize an unlimited number of images. We only focus on the number of visits per month.

In case you exceed the plan limit, then we will reach you and ask you to upgrade your plan.

We use AWS CloudFront for both free and premium versions.

Yes, you can use the service that you have currently used. We can guide you to integrate your current CDN, but this will take some effort from our side. This option is available to the premium users who have the Enterprise plan.

If you already have an image optimization plugin, then you don’t need to change that. Image optimization is not the only thing that we do. So, you can continue using the current plugin. Pixops will take care of delivering your image at a proper size when opened on different devices. You can use the features like smart cropping and content staying in the container. 

Yes, we do provide the capability to handle such images. By default, it will handle the images of the Ajax content from admin-ajax.php and routes of WordPress REST API.

No, we do not delete the original images. Rather, we use the original image as the source to give you the optimized version of it.

If the compression is lower, than there will be a small loss of quality. So, when you select 1 = Low Quality, 2 = Medium Quality , 3 = Best Quality, 4 = High Quality,

At present, we support PNG, JPG, and SVG image format.

Yes, Pixops can detect the browser of the user and provide WebP if the browser supports it. Otherwise, we optimize based on their browser and device.